Michael A Yamarino

Michael Anthony Yamarino joined the US Navy in September of 2000. Over the 6 years spent on active duty Michael graduated top of his class in Builder “A” school, lived for 2 years in japan at MCAS Iwakuni, obtained the rank of BU3 (Builder 3rd Class Petty Officer E-3) climbed Mt Fuji, worked Auxiliary Security Forces, moved to Port Hueneme, CA, deployed to Iraq, obtained the rank of BU2 (Builder 2nd Class Petty Officer E-5), graduated the USMC Advanced Infantry Training course Machine Gun Leaders Course, deployed to Iraq again. 

Michael is currently a full time Firefighter and Advanced EMT. Michael continues to train in Emergency Medicine, Firefighting, Firearms, and Martial Arts from multiple different schools, programs, and instructors. 

Michael Yamarino and Erin Garner have been married since 09 July 2005. Erin and Michael welcomed their loving daughter Sofia Michael Yamarino into this world 22 September 2012.

Michael formed Augusta Firearms Academy because of his passion for helping others.

– NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
– NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor
– NRA Defensive Pistol Instructor
– NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor
– NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor
– NRA Range Safety Officer
– NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
– Range Master Instructor Development Course
– USMC Machine Gun Leader
– SABRE Personal Safety Academy Instructor

– Phase 2 Close Quarters Defense Tactics
– Phase 2 Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (CQDT Branch)
– Phase 2 Apprentice Armas Filomeno Kali
– Phase 1 Police Defense Tactics International
– Shodan (1st Degree) Hook Ju Sool Hapkido
– Apprentice Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association
– Apprentice Progressive Fighting Systems Jeet Kune Do
– Apprentice Edged Weapons Instructor (PFS)
– Military JKD and Spec Ops Kali Level 2.8 (JKDAA)
– iKali Double Stick Level 1
– iKali Single Stick Level 1

– NPQ Firefighter 1

– NPQ Firefighter 2

– GA State Firefighter

– Hazardous Materials Awareness

– Hazardous Materials Operations

– Crash Victim Extrication

– NPQ Apparatus Operator

– Interior Search and Rescue

– National Registered Advanced EMT

– Georgia Licensed Advanced EMT

– AED and CPR for Pre-Hospital Care Providers

– Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

– Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

– NATEC Basic SWAT Certification

– NATEC Certified Tactical Medic